I’ve been waking at 4am this week and can’t get back to sleep.

It’s not a slow waking up thing, it’s a ‘I’m completely awake could go for a jog’ thing. Obviously something on my mind.

So, I’m writing my blog with a different style – at 4am my personal thought is far more active and adopts a more emotive feel. But how am I really feeling?

I’m feeling as though I miss my art, more than ever. We were strongly engaged, married even, but now art is considering a divorce. I won’t sign the papers! Intervention is necessary.

Mental note to self – take drawing material with me everywhere I go. Never be without ideas. The thing about ideas is everyone wants to hold on to them as long as possible, not realising it’s best to let them go, use them, share them and pass them on. Clearing your creative plate only leaves room for more to take its place.

One is rarely without ideas, it’s knowing what to do with them that’s important.

So should I go back to sleep now? Not likely. It’s 5.30. An acceptable hour to go for that jog.

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What rhymes with jellyfish?

I registered with my favourite pattern design website yesterday – spoonflower. Its a public space where anyone can upload, purchase or admire fellow designer patterns.

Spoonflower hosts millions of beautiful patterns. Subject matter is unlimited, even fly spray gets air time here.

Each week a new theme is showcased and viewers get to vote for their favourite. This week is old technology. There are many floppy disk, tapes and retro telephone patterns. Personally, I’m not sure I’d wear a floppy disk patterned dress, however, they are neat and quirky.

I’m more a nature gal and am more obsessed by the jelly fish category. I love sea creatures. Anything in the ocean is all good with me. It’s their bright colours and fluidity, combined with the balance of the perfect and imperfect that fascinates me. Every time I research sea life, a new surprise appears, flashing bright new colours and just generally being cool.

Now all I need to do is start drawing and uploading my patterns.

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Patterns in leaves

There’s something about dew drops that are simultaneously cliche and unique, like snowflakes – they all appear same/same, however, when you inspect closely, they’re intricate and original.

I’m obviously bias when it comes to flower related things. Dew drops remind me of liquid paint rolling off thick watercolour paper. Appropriate considering I paint flora and fauna. Ink rolling on paper is an effective way of creating leaf veins and flower roots, it becomes that unpredictable element in the artwork. The patterns grow themselves and take on unique beautiful shapes.

This is not an example of my fluid leave drawing – will post one tomorrow when I find my favourite one. It is a nature print of tree roots and leave veins. No idea why I’m posting this. Must find better example ASAP!


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Work smirk

Friday mornings are that awkward blend of exciting yet disappointing. It’s almost the weekend, however, an entire work day has to be lived to get there.

As a creative, it’s challenging to earn an income without selling your soul. Or, as I like to put it, commercial whoring yourself.

It’s easy to gain employment as a graphic/web designer, but it’s not easy to get prestigious projects to match the income.

Its often the demise of many talented creatives when they become stuck in employment roles that hinder their true talents. It often feels akin to being straight jacketed. Employers need creative but want control of the expressive artist.

It doesn’t work. Not with true creatives anyway. It’s a hinderance. True pioneers simply can’t be tied to a desk 8 hours a day and expect artistic genius to cascade. It rarely happens. It’s like forcing a happy person to take anti depressants.

I’m not rely going anywhere with this. Just saying…

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The beauty of nature

I don’t even need to write anything here. The photography says it all. There’s no competing with the beauty of nature: John Fish photography


Dusk dance series by John&Fish

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Pure and General

How cute does this shop look? Pure and General

Cultural and eclectic pieces from around the world. Some artist commissioned pieces too. Daily Addict calls it ‘the diagon alley of homewares … little pieces of Morocco, London, Paris, Kyoto, New York, Wales, Melbourne, Virginia, Spain, and Sweden collide in an explosion of textures, fabrics, handicrafts and one-of-a-kind artworks.’

Oh I can so see my art next to the delicate bird cages or African style sculpture! Do you think they will have me?

Am slightly puzzled by their chosen word ‘Pure’? Makes me feel like I should shower before entering the premises. Ah well … name smame … amazing product so who cares?


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Golden ratio

I love this. Every time I remember Fibonacci I feel as though I’ve discovered the pyramids again! As an artist, I tend to misalign instinctively and never consider the mathematics behind it. Then I’m reminded there really IS method to the madness. Or is it just an elaborate excuse for madness?

The golden section is a line segment divided according to the golden ratio: The total length a + b is to the length of the longer segment a as the length of a is to the length of the shorter segment b.

Or maybe just look at the picture, because that sentence is long winded and I’m unsure I even understand it.


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